Liquid Glass UV for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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  • Liquid Glass UV for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

    Original price was: 19,80 €.Current price is: 18,90 €.

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      Liquid Glass UV for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

      Original price was: 19,80 €.Current price is: 18,90 €.

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      Ασφαλέια ΣυναλλαγώνTrust

      Liquid Glass UV – is a unique tempered glass glued on the entire surface with hardened UV glue. Perfectly protects the screen of our phone with rounded edges against shattering and scratches. Perfectly matched to the dedicated smartphone model with precise cutouts, ensuring free access to all ports and buttons. Tempered glass is very resistant to any damage and provides effective protection. It does not change the sensitivity of the touch screen, and high transparency ensures comfortable use of the screen. Thanks to the olefobic coating, it is extremely resistant to greasy marks and fingerprints. It doesn’t leave any marks after disassembly, it’s safe for the screen.

      • full screen coverage
      • without colored edges
      • protector made of real tempered glass
      • excellent long-term protection of the screen against dust, scratches or even against breakage
      • very high transparency makes you forget that the screen is protected with something
      • ease of application
      • an oleophobic coating that causes a drop of water to flow when flooded

      Set contains:

      • Cloth
      • UV lamp (max 3 watt power, three UV leds, usb micro / TypeC connectors)
      • UV Liquid
      • Stickers for positioning and removing dust
      • Instructions

      How to stick Liquid:

      • Clean the phone screen thoroughly to prevent any bubbles
      • Seal the phone speaker to prevent “possible” glue spilling
      • When the screen is already cleaned and the speaker protected, spill 3/4 tube of glue on the phone screen
      • After spilling the adhesive (if the adhesive bubble forms – remove it), we put the glass and wait for the adhesive to spill between the glass and the screen
      • The adhesive should be cured with a UV lamp by shining on the screen for about 2 to 4 minutes


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